Africa in the blood

The hotel owners Dr. Franziska Fehle-Friedel and Wolfgang Friedel discovered their passion for South Africa many years ago.

Was it the books by Albert Schweitzer or the great desire to see wild animals in their natural environment one day that Dr. Franziska Fehle-Friedel with her great passion for Africa? To this day, the doctor and owner of the Parkhotel am Soier See cannot say what ultimately triggered her longing for the distant continent and to what extent the decision to study medicine was determined by her desire to work in Africa.

Already in 1981, one year after her wedding, the native of Augsburg started her first tour with her husband, Wolfgang Friedel, which took them a total of 15,000 kilometers through Africa: to Ghardaia and Tamanrasset, to Niger and to Sokoto and Kaduna in Nigeria . The destination of the joint trip was Abak in southeast Nigeria, where the couple worked for six months as a teacher for Latin and English and as a doctor in the episcopal hospital. They brought the flair with them to Bavaria and gave the Parkhotel an unmistakable African feel. The South African fire will continue to burn in the next generation. The rest of the family also came into contact with Africa at an early age and was fascinated by the magic that this continent exudes from the start.

Lukas Friedel, the youngest son of the family Dr. Fehle-Friedel, after graduating from high school in Ettal, he also moved to Africa, where he worked in an orphanage in Tanzania.