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Inspiration through experience! Since 2003, the Parkhotel at Soier See has expanded its offer to include dishes based on the principles of bodyCur.

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…you can enjoy bodyCur instad of the usual luxury board menu at no extra charge? Daily changing menus pamper your senses. Please contact our restaurant staff.

Good food and light meals do not really fit together in the thoughts of most people. What figure-conscious restaurant visitor is not shying away from the many high calory temptations on beautifully decorated plates that attract visitors to Germany's restaurants?

The lean cuisine of bodyCur is finding its way onto the menus of both top national restaurants and bourgeois restaurants as a healthy and refined alternative. After the debut at the Berghotel Baader in Heiligenberg, low-fat, light meals based on bodyCur soon appeared on tables in many other hotels.

The recipes are light and guaranteed to be free of fattening agents, such as added fat or sugar. Enjoyment does not fall by the wayside - on the contrary. Our varied light salads, soups, meat and fish dishes are in no way inferior to their traditional counterparts in terms of taste. A nice meal at the restaurant no longer stands in the way of even for the most figure-conscious. Anyone on a diet can also feast without having to have a bad conscience thanks to the special bodyCur menu selection.

The principle of the bodyCur method is as simple as it is effective:

Low-carb + low-fat, as well as a satisfying proportion of lean animal protein form the basis of all recipes.

BodyCur slim cuisine concept has established itself as a gastronomic innovation. Under the leadership of Clemens Baader, numerous restaurants and their chefs throughout Germany and Austria have already participated in this joint project for health and figure-conscious gourmets. All chefs who participate are given free rein to use their imagination and creativity. They develop new recipes based on their own inspiration using the bodyCur method. That means that their repertoire continually becomes ever broader and more diversified.


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