Wine bottles in a wine rack at the Parkhotel in Bad Bayersoien
Candles, wine bottles, and wine glasses in the wine cellar of the Parkhotel in Bad Bayersoien
Wine bottles in wine racks and a bar in the wine shop of the Parkhotel in Bad Bayersoien


In vino veritas – Even the ancient Greeks understood how to appreciate fine wines. We also are incredibly passionate about great wines, especially South African wines. That is why we travel to the Cape region every single year and select outstanding wines at local wineries, we also make it a point to speak directly with the vintner.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is offered every second Thursday at 6:30 p.m. If you are not a hotel guest, it costs €39.00 per person (which includes 6 wines and a 2-course meal). If you are a hotel guest, your taking part in the wine tasting is part of us pampering you, which means that there is no additional change.

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You will find approximately 180 award-winning wines from one of the world's most important wine growing regions on our extensive wine list. Without exception, our suppliers are among the best in their regions and - like the Parkhotel itself - they are committed to the highest standards of quality, they use the utmost care in the cultivation and development of their wines.

Only wines that qualify as being outstanding representatives of their class find their way into the Parkhotel's wine cellars. Our wines always match the typical character of their regions. The wines we select unmistakably belong to a specific vintage, based on the specific varietal and origin. Our job is to ensure that they match what today's discerning pallets prefer.


Events for Wine Connoisseurs

When you choose our 4-course wine menu, your hosts or one of our sommeliers will suggest the most appropriate wine pairings at your table.

Available Dates
Available Dates

At our Vintner Dinner you can get to know the winemakers, as well as the stories behind the Parkhotel's exclusive wine selection.

Available Dates
Available Dates

Endless enjoyment at home

Many of our wines are available through our wine delivery service…enjoy your favorite wine at home.

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Enjoy wine in an African ambience

With its special flair, our African Lounge creates the ideal ambience for wine connoisseurs – make sure to pay a visit!

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Wine, truth, and our philosophy

We stand for coziness, quality and hospitality – learn more about our philosophy!

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Event calendar

- Open End

Jeden 2. Mittwoch sagen wir "Griaß enk" zum Südtiroler Abend mit Live-Musik

- Open End

Irische Spezialitäten und traditionelle Musikbegleitung

- Open End

Krimi & Dinner
"Testament à la carte"


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