Lebensfeuer® Messung (Fire for Life Rating)

The Ammergau Alps - Germany's first Lebensfeuer®-Region (Fire for Life Region)

Lebensfeuer®-Messung (Fire for Life Rating)

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Package includes delivery of device, analysis of information and a comprehensive discussion of results - all for only €189.00

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"Show me how your heart beats, and I shall show you what is good for you" - the Ammergau Alps are Germany's first Lebensfeuer®-Region (Fire for Life Region). Beneath the surface of the evocative name, Lebensfeuer® (Fire for Life), lies a sophisticated method for discovering information about your individual state of health and wellbeing.

As a Lebensfeuer®-Region (Fire for Life Region), the Ammergau Alps allow you - with a Lebensfeuer®-Messung (Fire for Life Rating) - to discover more about yourself. In addition, the Ammergau Alps vacation region offers a wide range of programs, treatments and holiday tips tailored to individual needs.

Lebensfeuer® Messung (Fire for Life Rating)

It's time to do something just for you!

Everyone's been there:

You're standing, relaxed and with a steady pulse, at the foot of a staircase. The higher you climb, the faster your heart begins to beat. If you're fit, you'll glide over several floors with ease; if not, you'll find yourself getting heart palpitations more easily and your pulse taking longer to steady itself.

The heartbeat adapts to this extra load - faster for some (corresponding to a greater heart rate variability) and slower for others (meaning a lower heart rate variability). Put simply, this is the principle behind HRV rating.

In order to understand your state of health, it is recommended that you carry out the Lebensfeuer®-Messung (Fire for Life Rating) at home before the start of your vacation. If there are rest and recovery phases in addition to phases of activity, a particularly large number of results can be drawn from the evaluation. While the Lebensfeuer®-Messung (Fire for Life Rating) is underway, an additional activity protocol should be kept.

At the end of the evalutation, return the ECG device, activity protocol and a data entry form with personal details (age, gender and previous health issues) to the Parkhotel at Soier See.

Want to know more about Lebensfeuer® (Fire for Life)?

Our medical head Dr. Franziska Fehle-Friedel is more than happy to answer your questions vie email or over the phone: +49 08845-120 

How exactly does a Fire for Life Rating work?

Fire for Life Professionals in the Ammergau Alps

Activate your zest for life and increase your vitality and wellbeing with the results of your rating!

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Dr. Fehle-Friedel, medical head here at Parkhotel and our afflilated Sanatorium, has been a Fire for Life professional since May 2013.

The Lebensfeuer®-Messung (Fire for Life Rating) is based on the measurement of heart rate variability. The smallest ECG device in the world (weighing only 16 grams) is used for long-term measurements over a period of 24 hours. The pause is measured from heartbeat to heartbeat (in milliseconds) and compared with the duration of the next pause. The difference in the lengths of pauses provides information on the extent of variability, and  on the adaptability of the individual being rated. Adaptability is a sign of vitality and health.

With the analysis system developed by physician and chronologist Dr. Alfred Lohninger, the complex information is presented as the easy-to-understand Lebensfeuer®-Messung (Fire for Life Rating).

In addition to information about the individual's general state of health, the effects of various stimuli and activities on the body - as well as quality of sleep - are also visible. Along with being part of the Fire for Life® Rating, this information is presented to us through meaningful parameters such as our age, physical and mental vitality, burnout risk, sleep quality, performance and regeneration capacity, in notes, traffic light colors, explanations and individual recommendations.

The Fire for Life professionals in the Ammergau Alps, trained by Autonom Health Gesundheitsbildung, use this analysis to advise guests on how to make their vacation the best it can possibly be - so that guests can relax to the fullest and develop these techniques in their everyday lives. This takes place as part of an in-depth Fire for Life coaching session. Hotels such as Parkhotel at Soier See adapt nutrition, exercise and activities to the individual Fire for Life impulse (activation/regeneration/balance) of each guest. This serves as the start of a change of lifestyle for the better.

A follow-up measurement is then planned every 3-6 months to document the effect of the change and to make any adjustments.

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The alpine mountain pine high moor at the peat spa Bad Bayersoien is a valuable natural remedy. Its soothing and healing effects have been known since time immemorial - "black down" is medicine from nature.

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