Therapeutic Fasting & Detox (F.X. Mayr Method)

Focus on yourself and leave everything else behind. Welcome to your fasting vacation in the Ammergau Alps.

... become active yourself

Your F.X. Mayr treatment active is medically supported and accompanied by our health coaches. Find out about the positive effects of fasting on body, mind and soul.

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The F.X. Mayr active treatment at Parkhotel at Soier See offers a proven mixture of nutritional therapy, detoxification treatment, health care, wellness and vacation in Bavaria. A complete detox program for body, mind and soul.

Our Wellness Hotel at the Soier See offers special culinary delights which support you during your course of F.X. Mayr therapy, as well as expert advice by the resident F.X. Mayr physician and medical professional, Dr. Fehle-Friedel ("Physician for Modern Mayr Medicine").

A few days of relaxation - learn to relax your own body. With our F.X. Mayr active treatment plans we will guide you through your period of active fasting. Don't worry about getting too hungry: our health coaches are on hand with advice and day-to-day support. Enjoy the amenities of a wellness hotel in combination with the competence of our coaches and the relaxing treatments. 

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What is the F.X. Mayr Method?

The F.X. Mayr treatment (therapeutic fasting, or basic nutrition) - named after its inventor Franz Xaver Mayr - is based on the belief that the intestine is the core of the human being. Just like a tree can only thrive if its roots absorb sufficient nutrients from the earth, so too is a sick intestine the root cause of many health disorders.

The F.X. Mayr fasting method at Parkhotel at Soier See in Bavaria takes a holistic, therapeutic approach, where intestinal cleansing is the result of successful treatment.

Our Services

Services included

A team of doctors and expert therapists

Grander Water Pool

Complimentary parking all around the hotel

Pillow menu (from cherry stone pillows to neck roll and side sleeper pillows)

Complimentary activity program

Complimentary shuttle service from Saulgrub train station and back (registration in advance necessary)

Complimentary bike hire (e-Bikes also available for an additional free)

Complimentary hire of Nordic Walking sticks

Feel at ease!

For us, the most important thing is that you feel good and full of new energy during your stay.

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Do something good for yourself, recharge your batteries and discover new energy - with what offer, health is more fun than you think!

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Recharge in the Ammergau Alps

Surrounded by the majestic Alps on the shores of the Soier See, leave everyday life behind you at Parkhotel and place all the focus on your wellbeing!

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