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Our vision: Satisfied guests who feel at home and want to come back. Our passions: wine, wellness, music and Africa!

Pure nature with Lukas Friedel

Get off the beaten path from May 24 to May 27, 2018 with Lukas Friedel during the first hiking week at the Parkhotel. We are looking forward to plenty of guests and a lot of fun.

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For almost 30 years we have been the owners and hosts of the wellness hotel at Soier See and we are still here with a steadfast passion! What Dr. Franziska Fehle-Friedel and Wolfgang Friedel started with great dedication, we, son Lukas and wife Antonia, will soon continue as new managing directors. We are still in the transition phase - and even though we have come so far, and the management of the hotel is in our hands, we heartily welcome the lasting good advice of the parents! We know what is important to our family: to offer people a place where the body, mind and soul can recharge. This could be a good meal in our restaurant, a sunset picnic or a relaxing wellness weekend with all the frills.

Bavarian Safari

Would you have thought?

Dr. Franziska Fehle-Friedel and Wolfgang Friedel covered a total of 15,000 kilometers (9,320 miles) on their first tour through Africa in 1981!

The enthusiasm for the African continent is unmistakable – you will encounter this throughout the hotel. Our family has already experienced so much there, one of many instances being when Dr. Franziska Fehle-Friedel and Wolfgang Friedel worked as doctors and teachers in Nigeria. The rest of the family also came into contact with Africa early on and was fascinated from the very beginning by the magic emanating from this continent. What countries have we visited and what caused us to open up our own in-house wine shop “Cape Wine“? You can certainly chat about this over a glass of fine wine...

Hike, Treatment or Spa at Parkhotel you're bound to find the perfect thing for you, because wellbeing, wellness and active vacations are combined into one!

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For us, the most important thing is that you feel good and full of new energy during your stay.

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