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Ammergau Alps Nature Reserve

The "Ammergau Alps Nature Park" – spend a perfect holiday in Bavaria's largest nature reserve – between Zugspitze and Neuschwanstein castle.

Themed trails

Did you know that some of the themed trails start in Bad Bayersoien? The “Barfußpfad” [Barefoot path] is one of them.

To the Barefoot Path

On August 01, 2017, our region Ammergau Alps received the status of "Nature Reserve", making it one of 105 nature reserves in Germany. In accordance with the objectives of the Verband Deutscher Naturparke e.V. and the Federation of European Nature and National Parks (EUROPARC), this nature reserve will protect, nurture and preserve the outstanding cultural landscape of Ammergau.

So as to arouse a greater understanding of the demands of nature amidst locals and guests, natural history tours are already taking place, among other things. Anyone who is interested can simply follow an experienced biologist, observe the courtship of Golden Eagles with an ornithologist, or embark on a geological journey through time.

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Lebensraum Moor

The mosses and raised bogs in the Ammertal date back to the last ice age over 10,000 years ago.

Try out peat treatment

Nature and its treasures are the remedies of the Ammergau Alps. The mountain pine alpine moorland, herb-rich meadows, and clear air guarantee mental balance and healthy well-being.

Become acquainted with the natural remedies of the Ammergau Alps during a wellness weekend or relaxing holiday in Bavaria, and draw new energy from its unique setting, which offers not only an abundance of nature but also numerous treasures of Bavaria's culture.

Ammergau Alps Nature Reserve

The beautiful nature in the freshly appointed Ammergau Alps Nature Reserve invites you to breathe deeply and sit back. Be it cycling, hiking, or just going for a stroll - here everyone will find the space they need.

Wellness for your senses

The alpine mountain pine high moor at the peat spa Bad Bayersoien is a valuable natural remedy. Its soothing and healing effects have been known since time immemorial - "black down" is medicine from nature.

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