A holiday with us in Bad Bayersoien can be as varied as you like. In addition to our own wellbeing services, our dreamlike surroundings offer countless possibilities to shape your day. We are happy to assist you (and maybe we’ll also tell you our own favorite places!)

Many of the most visited places in Germany, such as Linderhof Palace, Neuschwanstein Castle, the Pilgrimage Church of Wie, and Ettal Abbey are emblematic of a long and eventul history of the region.

From Parkhotel in Bad Bayersoien, you can venture off on wonderful day trips through the Ammergau Alps and experience its history, tradition and customs. Let’s go!

Our getaway tips at a glance:

  • Staffelsee tour with the "MS Seehausen"
  • Ride the Alpin-Coaster in the Aktivarena am Kolbensattel in Obberammergau or the alpine slide in Unterammergau
  • Ride the Laber Ropeway at an altitude of 1,684 meters
  • Traditional handmade art: Living workstation in “Pilatushaus”, carving courses in Oberammergau
  • Glentleiten Open Air Museum
  • Visit to the grinding mill in Unterammergau
  • Tour through the Passionstheater in Oberammergau
  • Experience the dairy trade first hand: Ettal show dairy, Schönegger Käsealm
  • Ettal Abbey distillery and brewery
  • Tour of the Abbey breweries of Andechs or Ettal
  • Mountain Guesthouse Bleckenau, the former hunting lodge of King Ludwig II
  • Cultural gems: Wieskirche, Linderhof Palace and Park, Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau Palace, Ettal Abbey, Rottenbuch Abbey, Kappelkirche, Ludwig's Festival Theater Casino in Garmisch-Partenkirchen


Cultural safari

We organize weekly cultural safaris to the sights of the area!

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Did you know that the Passionstheater Oberammergau is the world’s largest open-air stage with a covered auditorium?

Save the date! The 42nd Passion Plays will be performed from May 16, to October 4, 2020. In total, there are 102 shows planned!

Arrangements for overnight stays for the Passion Plays are available for individuals and groups.

Be sure to secure your preferred date as soon as possible – this event only occurs once every 10 years!  The local call for taking part was on October 2018. The residents of Oberammergauer had time until March, 2018 to registered to participate in the Passion Plays.

But, not everyone is allowed to participate! Only those who were born and raised in Oberammergau, or those who have lived there for at least 20 years are allowed to have a role in the Passion Plays. Acting roles are not the only roles affected by this rule: Whether it be ticket takers at the gate, or stage hands behind the theater, everybody involved must be an Oberammergauer.

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